About Us

Daniela Alberts began her career in the garment and textile industry in Romania. While attending fashion design classes here in the US, she discovered her passion for accessories and began studying how to design and craft jewelry. She now focuses on her own line of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces for day and evening wear.

Daniela’s philosophy regarding jewelry is simple: All pieces should be handcrafted using high-quality materials and with special attention to detail. Her understanding of garment design allows her to create pieces that fit both the work and play aspects of every woman's wardrobe. Semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and gold-filled chains are used to create simple and elegant pieces.

Daniela can create custom pieces tailored to fit a customer’s individual style. For weddings, she can create one-of-a-kind pieces for the bride and bridesmaids to make that special day unique. She not only wants to provide beautiful jewelry but also to educate customers on the quality of materials used in her designs.

Caring for your jewelry
To ensure jewelry lasts a lifetime, certain care should be taken in the wearing, cleaning and storage of each piece. Store jewelry in a closed jewelry box or in velvet or cotton bags. Storing each piece separately will prevent scratching of the stones and tangling of the chains.

Only put jewelry on after applying lotion, perfume, hairspray and other beauty products. After removing jewelry, wipe it clean with a soft tissue or alcohol swab to remove cosmetic and naturally occurring oils that may build up on the skin’s surface.

When to remove jewelry

Remove jewelry before using cleaning products. Cleaners and other household chemicals that are safe for skin may not be safe for jewelry.

Remove jewelry before swimming or showering.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with copper or zinc. Pure silver, like pure gold, is too soft to be durable and must be mixed (alloyed) with another metal, preferably copper or zinc. These metals toughen the alloy while enhancing silver's bright natural sheen.

What is gold-filled jewelry?

Gold fill, or gold overlay, is the process of heat- and pressure- bonding a layer of 14-karat or 12-karat gold to a brass core. Daniela makes jewelry with 14-karat gold-filled materials.

The benefits of gold-filled jewelry are:
- Karat gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish-resistant.

- Gold-filled items are valued higher than those of gold-plated items because they contain an actual layer of karat gold, not merely a microscopic film.

- Gold-filled jewelry is economical, offering the rich look of gold at a fraction of the cost.

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